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The Booty Boys Story

Spencer Yaras and Chris Lightbody (sixxxHole and brownEye) started The Booty Boys in San Diego in the early 2000s. Most people at the time thought there was a pretty small number of songs that could be written about butts, but with the dedication of true craftsmen, The Booty Boys proved everyone wrong, releasing 3 independent albums and touring throughout CA, opening for booty rap pioneer Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Coolio, and a small, unknown band called Maroon 5. Since then, they have produced music for top television shows and films under District 78, the production company they co-own with Robert Steinmiller.

Bootyology is the comically fictionalized version of the story of The Booty Boys' triumphant return to music and their hopeful rise to the top of the charts.

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